About Tilia

You might be wondering what Tilia is, and why you’re being directed away from the Sansar website. Tilia is a licensed money transmitter and registered money services business. Sansar has partnered with Tilia in order to provide certain financial services to our users in compliance with U.S. laws and regulations through their product, Tilia Pay.

Tilia facilitates the financial component of the Sansar Store through enhanced regulatory compliance protocols. To achieve this, a Tilia wallet is created to manage your USD denominated balance separate from your Sansar Dollar wallet. The Tilia wallet enables you to process credit requests and payments in USD.

In order to efficiently resolve customer inquiries, we ask that you contact the appropriate customer service department.

If you are experiencing a problem specifically related to Sansar, such as a disruption in the delivery of Sansar Dollars or purchased items, issues logging in, or general technical support, please fill out a ticket for the support staff here.

For issues with Tilia transactions, please email with all relevant information.